Friday, September 17, 2010

Preschool Boy

Jack already has half a year of preschool under his belt. With a January birthday and an older sister in preschool, he was more than ready to start his education early. But that class wasn't his peers, some were nearly a year older and he seemed so little in the schoolyard.

This class though, this is where he'll make his friends. Not kids he has to hang out with because they're Anna's friends or because his mom likes their mom. These will be friendships just for him. Forged out of similar interests in Star Wars and Lego.

And I'm thrilled for him. My little man is coming into his own, navigating the complex social network of the playground and realizing that he can be a leader, not just a follower. 

But while my baby bird starts to test his wings, I know he will always return. Because Jack likes to tell me that "even when I'm old, mama, I will still be your baby" and that just makes my heart sing. 
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  1. Such a handsome little guy! Happy that preschool was a success for him.

  2. How did he get so tall? I just saw him like 2 weeks ago!!