Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cookies For Sale!

Our preschool is fortunate to have several very dedicated parents who took it upon themselves to overhaul the preschool playground. The final push for fundraising came in the form of a Tim Hortons smiley face cookie campaign. Between Tim Hortons and our forty families we needed to sell 3500 chocolate chip cookies.

That's right, 3500. An impressive amount by any means. But considering the population of our little coastal haven is about 4200, that's nearly one cookie for every man, woman and child. Oh, and we had ten days to do it.

So together with our friend, Josephine, and her parents we re-named the lemonade stand and set up shop at the soccer field on Saturday afternoon. It was a great plan, bored parents and hungry kids. Between us we had purchased 80 cookies to sell.
We sold four. Four! We easily consumed at least thrice that ourselves. We had hoped that when the game finished we would have a flood of worn out kids heading our way.

Our over tired, sugar-crashing kids never made it that long. The novelty of yelling "Cookies for sale!" soon wore off and we were forced to head home before total meltdown came.
Good news, the school raised $3900 from our amazing community.
Please send a self addressed, stamped envelope if you'd like a cookie. I have more than a few of these impish little guys hanging out in my freezer.

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  1. The last sentence is hilarious! No, really, send an envelope!