Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We had been counting down sleeps for a week, she packed and re-packed her backpack, she convinced me she still needed a snack for the forty-five minute, gradual entry class and she had to wear her special shirt for her new teacher.

Anna was ready for kindergarten.

Then, this morning, she woke with a fever of 102 degrees. There were tears of disappointment and "Please Mommy, I'm alright, I can go.", but my darling girl spent much of the day in bed.

She's on the mend now and looking forward to another first day tomorrow.

And while I hate to see her ill, I was thankful to hold on to one last day of Anna's early childhood.

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  1. Kate... I am reading this as Sarah sent me a link... you write so well and as I was able to meet you and your sweet children during my brief visit out for Jo's 3rd. and Clio's b'day, it makes me long to be with you all again. Keep writing... perhaps a book???
    Fondest regards,