Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I joined a new club last week and it involved many, many candles.
And yet I question my membership. Forty. Really? Is this what it feels like?
I still feel twenty-eight. Am I supposed to be a grown-up now? Do I need to develop a taste for wine?

I still get "Miss" far more than "Ma'am" by the cute boys at the grocery store. Although, it has been a long time since I was carded and I do have this one hair that insists on growing under my chin. So perhaps I'm showing my years after all.

This birthday required a special cake. Chocolate seemed too moody and dark. Nothing shouts I'm happy to be forty quite like a six layer rainbow cake with sprinkles.  :)

The last decade was a blur of marriage and babies. Losing the person you thought you were only to find a stronger one emerging from sleepless nights, fueled by the unconditional love of my littles.

So bring on the next decade, mammograms and reading glasses don't scare me. More time for my interests, clothes without stains and the possibility of a clean, organized house. Yeah I know, dare to dream but dream I will. My forties are going to be great!
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