Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow Day

Our first snow day of the season, and savour it we did.
Catching snowflakes on our tongues, snow angels, sledding and snowballs.

T found that down our driveway, across the road and down the opposite street made for a decent run on the snowboard.

Then inside, where the big decision was whipped cream or marshmallows to top the hot cocoa.
An afternoon of baking cookies and reading by the fire made for the perfect snow day recipe.

Winter bliss.

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Star Wars Season's Greetings

I have been baking my grandma's perfect shortbread for as long as I can remember. The perfect combination of crunch and melt in your mouth.

I even have her handwritten recipe framed in my baking corner.
And for all these decades, the cookies were always round. Always.

Until yesterday, when Star Wars had to impinge on yet another aspect of my life.
So to embrace the season fully, I say
Feliz Navidad Mr. Stormtrooper
Buon Natale Boba Fett
Joyeux Noel Yoda (sorry about singeing your ears)
Merry Christmas Lord Vader

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Spirit

It's building, the momentum picking up speed. The Christmas Spirit weaving it's way into our consciousness.

Peppermint mocha in red cups, a cold snap and first snow. There's no denying it.

I belted out my first rendition of "Fairytale of New York".

And, oh, it's snowing in my dining room.

Bring on the Spirit.

Happy Birthday Nana!

This has been the go to birthday cake in my family for ages. Probably since I stopped having cakes in the shapes of cute animals.
So when it was time to celebrate Nana's birthday, out came the tried and true. How can you go wrong with chocolate? The frosting is made with whipped cream, makes it much lighter than traditional buttercream.

Happy Birthday Nana! We love you!
And thanks for bringing this cake into our lives, oh so good.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Circus

Often it seems that our life is a three ring circus.
Taming wild beasts, entertaining a crowd, all while juggling everything else.

No wonder it has always been a favourite subject for the littles.
So when I had a meeting to go to, T and the kids decided to start a circus of their own.

The lemonade stand was reincarnated, yet again, to be the concession and ticket booth. A mere five cents for admission and a penny for popcorn.

The audience was held rapt by daring feats and magic tricks. Even the tattooed lady made an appearance.
I hope the circus comes to town again soon.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl Guide Cookies

I sold Girl Guide cookies as a kid. Our leaders had a plan, the neighbourhood methodically divided up. Girls sent out in pairs, attired in our stiff uniforms, knee socks and sashes. No house left unvisited.

Back in the day, a box went for $1.25. I can remember racking my brains trying to add up multiple boxes and make change. Math was not my forte.

These days the girls have got it easy. The Girl Guides of Canada have created a cookie so tasty it sells itself. No more knocking on doors or begging relatives to take pity on you.

The chocolate mint cookie is in such high demand the province is sold out. Gone. Couldn't get more if I tried, and I did try. I may have a bidding war for the last few boxes in the garage. Price starts at a mere $4 a box if you're interested.

And with my creation of the Chocolate Mint Candy Cane Ice Cream Sandwich you would be foolish not to be.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art Crawl

Several weeks ago we spent a showery Sunday afternoon on my first ever art crawl. And, goodness we have so much talent in our town!
Potters, sculptors, painters, glass blowers, photographers. Any medium you can think of was represented.

Given that we had the littles in tow, we only made it to half a dozen stops.
Artists welcomed us into their homes and studios. Answered Anna's endless stream of questions with good humour.
It was a fantastic afternoon.

Yes, the sign really does say "There is a llama in the yard, so please close the gate behind you.". He forgot to mention the emus and peacocks. Like Wonderland in our backyard.
Can't wait for next year.

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