Friday, April 13, 2012

Power Shift

It's not easy being five, being the little brother and having pretty much no say in what you do.
I'm trying to accumulate the 500 hours needed to renew my ECE licence, there are errands to run, groceries to buy and the constant to and fro of school drop offs, pick ups and activities.
And while I'm just about his favourite person to hang out with (not including Daddy, of course) the frustration of being dragged everywhere has been getting to him lately.
So today I shifted the balance of power to him and my little man glowed.
(The exasperated look when I forgot that this particular creation was the "Temple of the Bad Guys with the poisonous Kraken tentacle". Silly me.)
In no particular order we:
  • built several cool Lego creations
  • explored the Lego website in depth
  • baked chocolate Star Wars cookies
  • snuck about the house like ninjas
  • discussed the subtle differences between his Han Solo minifigures
  • had a contest to see who could launch a Playmobil cannon the farthest
  • ate French toast for lunch
  • and attempted to condense the Lord of the Rings trilogy into a story for the five year old brain
He was one happy camper.
September and all day kindergarten will be here in no time and I'm going to miss my constant companion. But for now we can add excitement to our errands by sneaking around the IGA like a couple of ninjas.
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