Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After a chaotic weekend full of birthday goodness, our sunshine is officially six.

I remember, so clearly, the half birthday T and I had for her at six months. We just couldn't wait a whole year to celebrate her. A party hat, a few helium balloons and, of course, cake. Not that she got any back then.

Now six years.
Strong and smart, a touch of sass, and beautiful inside and out.
We are so lucky to have her.

I let her choose her cake from pictures we saw online. Of course she immediately gravitated to the one with giant swirly lollipops.
While I wasn't entirely thrilled with my first foray into fondant, ( It is so not as easy as they make it look on those TV cake shows! ) Anna couldn't have been happier with with what she named the Lollipop Garden Cake.

And now the growing continues. Grade one in the fall, gone from home all day. Learning to separate and stay connected all at once.

Anna will laugh and smile and blossom. And I will follow her lead and take it all in.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am a seasoned west coast girl. Raised in rain boots, puddle jumping my way through life.

But seriously, February needs to end. Spring needs to start. It will be September before strawberries ripen, blackberries will be pushed back to, what? Thanksgiving?

A couple days last week got every one's hopes up. Today? Snow in the mountains.
Perhaps the end of the world is coming. Perhaps we're going to be drizzled to death.

Enough already, oh great weather gods!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Best Ever Pizza Dough

We've been on a big pizza kick around here lately.
Anna's had two trips to Panago with kindergarten and Sparks, and she fancies herself to be quite the pizza expert.

Tomato sauce, pineapple and cheese is her favourite combo.

The great thing about homemade pizza? Everyone can rock their favourite combo and no one complains about what's for dinner.

Yeast dough has always been a nemesis of mine, but this recipe is just about fool proof.
There is nothing quite as satisfying as dough that has risen exactly as it should.

Olive Oil Dough from My Baking Addiction. Ready in two hours and keeps in the fridge for up to twelve days. So you can whip up a fresh pie whenever the craving strikes.

You have got to try it.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pink and Pastry

The last few weeks have not been going according to plan around here.
I was going to watch the royal wedding with my best girl and bake scones. Instead? I held her and coaxed a fever down to acceptable levels.

Mother's Day? Well it was time for Mr. Jack and I to fall victims to the flu. Several days spent in a Tylenol induced fog.
Anna was most distressed. The girl loves nothing more than an excuse to celebrate and my lack of energy put a real damper on her plans for Mother's Day.

But like any good pint sized event co-ordinator she adapted and made me a constant stream of cheerful cards full of sunshines, flowers, bunnies and family portraits.

This weekend? Another party, my birthday. And while it was gray and dismal outside, inside we enjoyed being healthy over a pink breakfast full of my favourite pastries and fruit.

And later? An afternoon spent baking a giant cupcake to be enjoyed after dinner.

But, honestly, all this is just a dress rehearsal for the real party in two weeks.

Miss Anna is turning six and preparations need to be underway, according to her anyways.

Pinata, paper chains, candy, cake designs, games, goody bags and invitations
The girl is in her element. Perhaps I should hire her out...

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth

Happy May the Fourth!
"What?" you might say?
May the Fourth, Star Wars Day!

We have a very happy Jedi in this household.

Jedi Jack spent most of the day in his Yoda ears.
The produce guys at IGA were particularly impressed.

We had an epic battle between good and evil on the front lawn and snacked on a few chewy chocolate stormtroopers.

A grand day was had by all.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yes, I know Easter was last Sunday. Time just keeps escaping me somehow.
Excuse the blurry pictures, but apparently there is just no time to slow down and pose for Mama when you're in the middle of an egg hunt.

Jack was thrilled that the bunny brought Lego, and Anna, of course, is all about the candy.

Round the day out with some egg colouring, and we had a lovely peaceful Easter on our own.

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