Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cookies For Sale!

Our preschool is fortunate to have several very dedicated parents who took it upon themselves to overhaul the preschool playground. The final push for fundraising came in the form of a Tim Hortons smiley face cookie campaign. Between Tim Hortons and our forty families we needed to sell 3500 chocolate chip cookies.

That's right, 3500. An impressive amount by any means. But considering the population of our little coastal haven is about 4200, that's nearly one cookie for every man, woman and child. Oh, and we had ten days to do it.

So together with our friend, Josephine, and her parents we re-named the lemonade stand and set up shop at the soccer field on Saturday afternoon. It was a great plan, bored parents and hungry kids. Between us we had purchased 80 cookies to sell.
We sold four. Four! We easily consumed at least thrice that ourselves. We had hoped that when the game finished we would have a flood of worn out kids heading our way.

Our over tired, sugar-crashing kids never made it that long. The novelty of yelling "Cookies for sale!" soon wore off and we were forced to head home before total meltdown came.
Good news, the school raised $3900 from our amazing community.
Please send a self addressed, stamped envelope if you'd like a cookie. I have more than a few of these impish little guys hanging out in my freezer.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Local Cinema

One of the quirky joy's of small town living to me, is the local movie theatre.

Typically, there is one film a week, shown once a day. If you want to see that particular movie you have to act. It will be gone before you know it.
So last night I dashed out at 7pm for the 7:15pm showing of "Eat Pray Love". That's right, fifteen minutes between leaving my house and the movie starting. No traffic, parking issues or line ups to deal with.

Admission was five dollars. Five dollars! Need I say more.
The concession sells little bags of five cent gummy candies for $1.50.

Then there is the theatre itself. The seats from the back have the usual downwards slope, until you hit the halfway point. Then, the floor starts sloping upwards towards the screen. I've never seen anything like it. I love the upwards trajectory, blast off feeling of those seats.
There are no coming attractions magazine, instead people wave to their neighbours and chat with friends. When the lights finally dim, somewhere in the vicinity of the advertised time, people are slow to end conversations. What is the point of watching previews for film that will never make it to the coast?
And an added bonus on this night, three quarters of the way through the projector shuts down. Does anyone complain or shout rude comments? Of course not. More time to chat with friends. When the movie begins again, a cheer.
Admission $5. Our local cinema, priceless.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumnal Fare

I love autumn cooking.
To me it represents the best of comfort food. Pumpkins, apples, cinnamon. Roasting, braising, slow cooking all day, hearty aromas filling the house. Warm and substantial to take the chill off.
Tonight? Roasted butternut squash soup with apple brie panini's. happy there's enough left for lunch tomorrow.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Preschool Boy

Jack already has half a year of preschool under his belt. With a January birthday and an older sister in preschool, he was more than ready to start his education early. But that class wasn't his peers, some were nearly a year older and he seemed so little in the schoolyard.

This class though, this is where he'll make his friends. Not kids he has to hang out with because they're Anna's friends or because his mom likes their mom. These will be friendships just for him. Forged out of similar interests in Star Wars and Lego.

And I'm thrilled for him. My little man is coming into his own, navigating the complex social network of the playground and realizing that he can be a leader, not just a follower. 

But while my baby bird starts to test his wings, I know he will always return. Because Jack likes to tell me that "even when I'm old, mama, I will still be your baby" and that just makes my heart sing. 
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bigger Digger Day

Ok, how lucky are we that we have not one, but two digger days in our neck of the woods?

Why "bigger digger day"? Because this one is at the gravel quarry up the coast from us and the scale of these machines make the other ones look like Tonka trucks.

The tires on this dump truck must have been over 7 feet tall, and what sort of loader has a bucket you can do wind sprints in?

The littles loved every moment of our dusty, sand-filled adventure. Of course, free hard hats and all the juice and cupcakes you want doesn't hurt either.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kindergarten Girl

"Some how or other, it came just the same." - Dr. Seuss

Where have the last five years gone? I still remember this baby, smiling, happy to be held, the biggest eyes you've ever seen.

Now we're in uncharted territory. With a past career in early childhood, I knew my ages and stages. With the onset of the school age years, I feel a bit adrift in the ocean.

But my girl? She's as confident as ever, eager to make new friends, learn new things. Make her mark on this world.

I hope her beautiful light will remain strong through these years, that others will be drawn to her sunny disposition and imaginative ways. And that, she will remain endearing, quirky and confident as ever that "girls are tough".
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We had been counting down sleeps for a week, she packed and re-packed her backpack, she convinced me she still needed a snack for the forty-five minute, gradual entry class and she had to wear her special shirt for her new teacher.

Anna was ready for kindergarten.

Then, this morning, she woke with a fever of 102 degrees. There were tears of disappointment and "Please Mommy, I'm alright, I can go.", but my darling girl spent much of the day in bed.

She's on the mend now and looking forward to another first day tomorrow.

And while I hate to see her ill, I was thankful to hold on to one last day of Anna's early childhood.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lemonade Stand

I am full of what is referred to in our house as "romantic notions". Little vignettes in my mind of how things should be. Most of them are just "maybe one day" dreams. I'm probably not going to cycle through the French countryside on a vintage bicycle with a long baguette and bouquet of flowers in the basket anytime soon. But others are more attainable.

A lemonade stand has been a long standing romantic notion of childhood for me. Not a drag the old card table to the curb kind of stand. But a classic little storefront with a chalkboard sign.

Lucky me, when the whole family got on board and our summer project became a reality. We drew up plans around the kitchen table, scouted the local building supply for materials and dusted off the tools in the garage.

We worked together, helped each other out and enjoyed the journey. Our little stand will see endless creative play. Already it has had incarnations as a toy shop, book store and puppet theatre.

But with it's brightly striped awning, I think cold, refreshing lemonade is where it's heart belongs.

And my heart is full with one more romantic notion crossed off my list.
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