Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lemonade Stand

I am full of what is referred to in our house as "romantic notions". Little vignettes in my mind of how things should be. Most of them are just "maybe one day" dreams. I'm probably not going to cycle through the French countryside on a vintage bicycle with a long baguette and bouquet of flowers in the basket anytime soon. But others are more attainable.

A lemonade stand has been a long standing romantic notion of childhood for me. Not a drag the old card table to the curb kind of stand. But a classic little storefront with a chalkboard sign.

Lucky me, when the whole family got on board and our summer project became a reality. We drew up plans around the kitchen table, scouted the local building supply for materials and dusted off the tools in the garage.

We worked together, helped each other out and enjoyed the journey. Our little stand will see endless creative play. Already it has had incarnations as a toy shop, book store and puppet theatre.

But with it's brightly striped awning, I think cold, refreshing lemonade is where it's heart belongs.

And my heart is full with one more romantic notion crossed off my list.
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