Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Girl Guide Cookies

I sold Girl Guide cookies as a kid. Our leaders had a plan, the neighbourhood methodically divided up. Girls sent out in pairs, attired in our stiff uniforms, knee socks and sashes. No house left unvisited.

Back in the day, a box went for $1.25. I can remember racking my brains trying to add up multiple boxes and make change. Math was not my forte.

These days the girls have got it easy. The Girl Guides of Canada have created a cookie so tasty it sells itself. No more knocking on doors or begging relatives to take pity on you.

The chocolate mint cookie is in such high demand the province is sold out. Gone. Couldn't get more if I tried, and I did try. I may have a bidding war for the last few boxes in the garage. Price starts at a mere $4 a box if you're interested.

And with my creation of the Chocolate Mint Candy Cane Ice Cream Sandwich you would be foolish not to be.

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