Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Summer Fun List

Back in the middle of June, the kids and I drew up our summer fun list. At the beginning of every season I dream of all the great things there are to do. Then daily life takes over and before you know it, the season's over and you've missed your chances. This year was going to be different.

We've chilled at beaches, splashed at the waterpark. We've roasted veggie dogs (that's a whole other post), had gelato dribble down our chins and cooled off with rocket pops. We've explored the farmer's markets, docks and woods. We are having the best summer ever.

What's left? Well, the lemonade stand is almost done, and the blackberries are just coming into season. Mmmmm more jam and pies. We're going to the Night Market this week. As for camping in the backyard? We need to find a tent to borrow and cross our fingers that the bears and cougars stay away. I don't think they'd dare to ruin our summer fun!
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