Monday, August 9, 2010

About A Boy

Somewhere around his 3rd birthday, Jack became a boy. I'm not entirely sure what happened. Was it the influence of older boys at preschool? Was it his own personality shining through? Was it a boost of testosterone? Whatever it was my formerly sweet baby has gained a decidedly male attitude.
Life more or less revolves around three things. Super Heroes, Star Wars and Lego. If possible, incorporating all three at once is best. Light sabre duels, scowling, constructing spaceships, climbing, it never stops.

We pour over the Lego Star Wars book, we scour the house for tiny sized light sabres. There are days when we must refer to him as General Grievous. The "dark side" is much cooler than the "force". (In our defence, he hasn't watched the Star Wars movies's all Lego related.)
Oh, he's still my sweet baby in the quiet moments. Cuddling on my lap with a book, kissing and saying "I love you, Mama" (swoon). I hope he never switches to "mom".

But the boy-ness is growing, like a train picking up speed and I need to savour every bit of sweetness while I can.

Action movies, martial arts and video games are only just around the corner.

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