Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh My... Blackberry Pie

Or blackberry apple to be exact.

I grew up with this pie. A final hurrah for summer. Trolling the back alley for berries, trying not to get scratched by the brambles and petrified I'd come across a snake in the long grass.

I wasn't even that keen on it as a kid (crazy I know). My brother, though, was mad about blackberry pie. Still is. I don't think any dessert makes him happier. He would pick berries until the cows came home, if mom turned them into pie.

Nowadays I have my own team of berry pickers. Eager to risk the brambles for the sweet delight waiting at the end.

Flaky pastry, sugar, butter, lemon juice, cinnamon, apples and blackberries. A dollop of whipped cream. Simple ingredients combined to bake the joys of summer into a pie.

A couple of short weeks we all look forward to each year.
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  1. Looks so yummy!!! That's a tricky pie to make.

  2. Your photos are great. Now I'm hungry. Dammit!