Monday, August 16, 2010

Mama, don't you love the animals? Or how I learned to roll sushi.

When I first saw the movies Babe and Chicken Run, I thought they were charming and sweet and something I would love to share with my future children. I was thrilled when we received copies last Christmas. The kids were charmed by the films too. Then, for Anna, the questions started.
"Why do they want to kill the chickens and turn them into pies?"

"Do we eat pigs, Mama?"

"Did a chicken have to die to be this nugget?"

After months of pondering her food and suspicious poking of her dinner plate, Anna announced she would no longer be consuming meat. T jumped right on the bandwagon, saying it was a healthy choice he had always been interested in. And Jack, well, if the "cool kids are doing it".

I had suddenly found myself cooking for a family of vegetarians.
It's been three months now and the change seems to be permanent. If I express desire for a steak, Anna just looks at me woefully and says "Mama, don't you love the animals? Why do you want to eat them?" I want to remind her that it wasn't that long ago we were battling it out for the last strip of bacon.
But she is committed, unwavering in her belief that she has put her family on the right path.
I think she might be right. So now I research vegetarian dishes and attempt to roll sushi.
I'm not sure what we'll be having for Christmas dinner this year.
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