Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Like I ever need an excuse to bake, but when a friend makes the trip to visit for a weekend I feel justified in breaking out the really decadent recipes. Behold Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, once again from Jamie at
The cake part is fudgey, almost brownie like, with a slight tang from the sour cream. The frosting is a cream cheese base with melted semi-sweet chocolate. Absolutely must be chased by cold milk. You can thank me later.
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  1. mmmm must resist

  2. Kate, looks absolutely delish!! cute blog by the way!

  3. Very luckily, I can attest to how seriously yummy these cupcakes are! Definitely made with love.
    They also help to get your toddler through dinner - 'if you eat your dinner, you can have a cupcake' - great material for bribery, for sure.
    Thanks Kate!