Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hockey Fever

Game one, two periods down, scoreless. Waiting for that goal, an omen for the rest of the series.
Hockey fever has hit.
Yes, we are bandwagon fans. During regular season, it's my mom who keeps me filled in on whats going on with the team.
But I can't resist anything that brings people together. Strangers talking animatedly in checkout lines, all because it's game day. Flags waving, jerseys proudly worn.

Even our founding father, Captain Gibsons, is feeling the spirit.

A spelling lesson at home, in the form of sign making. Crowding together on the couch. Anna demanding to know which team is sporting which colour. Convincing Jack to cheer for our team. Revelling in the departure from the everyday.

Go Canucks Go!
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