Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Dress

I won a dress.
The most lovely, innocent, twirl until your heart skips a beat dress that any little girl could want.

Way back on Pancake Tuesday the fabulous Jen, at Eden's Bouquet, posted on her blog that she was looking for bakery names. Some friends of hers, in South Carolina, were opening a bakery and needed inspiration.

The winner got to chose the gown of her choice from Eden's Bouquet.
So in the midst of flipping pancakes, I entered whatever names came to mind, washed sticky syrup fingers and life moved on.

So imagine my surprise when on St. Patrick's Day, I got an email saying I won. Seriously? I was giddy and laughing and dancing around the house. I couldn't believe it.

Apparently the "Wild Flour Bakery" struck the right note.

It was pointed out by some that this wasn't an original name. But we don't have one in our neck of the woods, so I know I didn't intentionally steal another bakery's name.

Then the best part. Pouring over all the gorgeous choices. How to choose? Each one more stunning than the last. The Moira gown won out. Simple, classic, the colour of the winter sky. And for the practical part of me, washable.

It arrived two days before Anna's birthday. It fits perfectly. Providence.
A bit much for a birthday at the beach, some might think. I wholeheartedly disagree. Why keep something so lovely in the closet, waiting for the special occasion that might never come?
This dress will be loved and lived in.
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  1. As it should be! I think there's a book called, "Life's Short, Wear your Party Pants" written by a woman who's mother never let her wear a certain pair of ruffle bum underwear that were always held for 'special occasions'.

    I though Anna looked wonderful in her dress and boots at the beach!