Wednesday, December 22, 2010

O Christmas Tree

One of the highlights of last years Christmas season, was cutting down our own tree for the first time. We must have been there for two hours, tromping around in search of the one.

And what a tree it was. Your perspective gets skewed when the sky is your ceiling. 

This years much anticipated trip was warmer, wetter and a whole lot muckier.
But we found it. A good eight feet of natural, more or less symmetrical beauty.

The littles chopped down a pint sized tree of their own, and have festooned it with all things merry and bright up in their room.

So far this is the best tree ever. Why? Because in the history of T and I, it's the only one that hasn't fallen over. A Christmas miracle.
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  1. I love that the littles got a tree for their room.