Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Gingerbread Ski Chalet

In all honesty, any day that involves baking and/or candy is a good day in the eyes of the littles. So the pinnacle of this has to be the annual gingerbread house. Or this year, the gingerbread ski chalet.

Their own piping bag of icing, bowls of candies, it's just one hedonistic sugar free for all. I couldn't get any decent pictures of them because everyone was on a sugar high and completely unable to focus. Just part of the fun.

But by some miracle, a bit of frosting and candy actually makes it onto the house and the end result is always charming.
An enchanted forest, dashing reindeer, and a snow dusted chalet with skis at the ready. Perfectly sweet.
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  1. Kate... super photos. Would like your recipe for the houses as I used to make them for the kids way back... such fun. I also copied your insideout apple crisp recipe as John loves Honey Crisp apples... keep up the good work! Kindha