Monday, September 12, 2011

Grade One

Anna started grade one last week.
Grade One.
And for the first time, a full day of school.
Anna, of course, jumped right in with both feet. Happy to be back in her social element, full of stories to share with her friends. Excited over her new lunchbox.

I, on the other hand, was slightly wrought with anxiety. What class will she be in? Will she be with her friends? Is she sleeping enough at night to be well rested for school? What do you pack a vegetarian kid for lunch when the school has a no nuts policy?

But, of course, I worry too much. She's in the straight grade one class (no split class to deal with). Her teacher seems lovely and she's with quite a few of her friends. The over tired meltdowns have been minimal. I'm taking suggestions for lunch ideas, though.

The house is quiet without her imagination running rampant through the rooms. The games Jack and I play are all boy now, no more tea parties on Rainbow Island.

There were many days in the past when I dreamt of full day school and now I find myself being early for pick up, anticipating her smile and hug and all the news of her day.
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