Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ordinary Day

I haven't posted for a while, busy days, colds and not much to say.
But days like this are the backbone of life. Not exciting, not unusual. But the core of who our family is.
Play, laundry, cuddles, cooking. Today I embraced our ordinary and while doing so, I found something more.
A future photographer.
Anna's still life of juice. She figured since I take pictures of food, she was going to as well.

Cinnamon swirly bread and a heavenly smelling home.

An impromptu birthday celebration for Anna's imaginary friend, because who doesn't love a party?

And, of course, every birthday needs a pinata or two.

Our favourite lawnmowers on their daily rounds.

Play, laundry, cuddles, cooking.
Breathe deep the ordinary magic of everyday.

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