Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Year Later

One year later we are celebrating our home. A summer feast to mark our moving anniversary. Clams steamed in white wine, lemon and garlic. Sweet peaches and cream corn dripping with butter. A crunchy multigrain filone to mop it all up with. And of course dessert, cherry cobbler with a dollop of cream.

I love this house. The white walls may not be pristine anymore, but even on the darkest winter day our home is filled with light. The retaining wall may have fallen over in the back yard, but the lovely purple weeds that have grown over it make me smile. The mirrored bookcases in our great room once housed the previous owners objet d'art, are now overflowing with toys. But I can still see the water reflected in them.
It's our little sanctuary by the sea, filled with running, shouting and laughter. And whenever the clutter inside gets to much, I just turn my eyes outwards and recharge on this loveliness.
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