Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gum Snappin' Girls

Among all the candy from yesterdays parade was several pieces of Dubble Bubble. Remember Dubble Bubble? Bright pink wrapper, comic inside...ahhh the memories. Although, I always preferred grape Hubba Bubba myself.
I pretty much haven't had gum since I got braces when I was fourteen. And as an adult I have to say, I'm a bit snobby about the whole gum chewing thing and not to keen on the kids picking up the habit.
Anna really wanted to try blowing bubbles, so I sat out on the back porch with my best girl and we snapped our gum together. One trying to remember how to blow bubbles, the other learning for the first time. A childhood memory made together on a glorious summer day.

Oh and kudos to Anna for the great pic's of me!
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