Saturday, October 16, 2010


To say I never had cousins wouldn't be entirely truthful. I actually have fifteen of them. But when you're young and your cousins, who are all much older, live half a world away in England, they just don't seem to count.
There were perks, like always having Grandma and Grandpa at our house for Christmas, but I always envied friends who had cousins the same age. Built in friends to keep long family dinners more fun.

I was so thrilled when my brother and sister in law had their first two months after Jack was born, and the second less than two years later.
Cousins for my littles. A gang of the next generation, a new set of branches on the family tree.

They came to visit today. A picnic at the playground and fun at the beach.
Shrieking, laughing, silliness. Love like siblings, but without the rivalry.

And the great part for me? I get to be cool Auntie Kate.
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  1. Sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet. They are cuties!